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Eye Lash Extensions

*An average person might have anywhere from thirty to eighty+ lashes per eye. The variance in the number of lashes accounts for the difference in how long it takes to apply them.

*Eyelash extensions usually last around 2-3 weeks, after which you will notice that the eyelash extensions have started falling out or thinning. We recommend your first fill at 2 weeks so we can see the habits you have, this way we can customize tips and tricks to get your retention better. Maintaining a full set of lashes will require refill service approximately every 2-3 weeks.

*We offer a variety of lash extensions; (All material is Synthetic)

-Silk: High gloss/shiny finish giving a mascara effect.

-Mink: Matte finish, giving a natural finish not a make-up effect. (Naturally blessed)

-Classic: Classic lash extensions are individual lashes applied to your natural lash 1:1.

available in both Silk and Mink.

-Volume: Multiple light weight lashes create a fan to give a fuller lash line. we can customize the density of volume with different finishes(silk or mink), or lighter weight lashes to add even more density,

-Hybrid: this is a combination of Classic and Volume lashes, this is a great option if you are wanting to add some density a sparse lash line while still getting a natural mascara effect.

*Eyelash extensions come in various lengths, colors and thicknesses, from natural-looking, to glamorous, as well as dramatic. it is our mission to accentuate the natural beauty of your eye, not to have the lashes be the only thing you see.